The Fool’s Journey

I spent about a half hour today walking one of my partners through the entire Fool’s Journey, explaining what each card meant and showing how the court cards relate. I basically explained every card in the entire tarot deck. I put a special emphasis on the ways reading tarot intuitively is a lot like how Christians give prophetic words, so my partner was able to relate. It also dispelled any notions of tarot being “evil” in any way.

I felt really accomplished realizing I finally understand what every card means well enough to walk someone with absolutely no tarot experience through the entire deck. Proud Tarot Moment!!!

A couple days off…

I took a couple days off from The Master Key curriculum and tarot reading in general to work on another project. One of my polyamorous relationships is a BDSM dynamic and together we run several really large BDSM-related Facebook pages and groups. On one of the pages I’ve collected several hundred really great kinky memes. I’ve begun a project of sharing them on TikTok along with my own humorous commentary. It’s a fun way to use my collection. There’s nothing inherently spiritual about any of it, it’s all pure hedonism.

The thing about being a real person is having real relationships, real hobbies, and a real life. For a lot of years I was under the oppression of Christianity with all its rules and limitations. It’s nice to live a more authentic life, where I celebrate the types of things I once tried to hide or “pray” away!

I’ll get back to blogging and reading cards again soon. Until then, enjoy a meme!

The Master Key – Week 1, Day 5

Each day this week includes seven statements to meditate on. Here are today’s in my own words.

  1. Thinking brings things into manifestation. Thoughts are the means by which static energy is made into dynamic energy.
  2. Our thoughts connect us to the Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent universal energy. Those universal attributes exist within us potentially.
  3. It is essential to control my thoughts in order to bring about my desired conditions.
  4. All magickal power comes first from within.
  5. Understanding that power comes first from within puts me in conscious control.
  6. Every aspect of universal energy is seeking to carry out its purpose in the universe.
  7. A majority of people do not understand that magickal power comes first from within, so they are lacking in utilizing to affect the world around them. Everything we find in our world without has been created by our inner world of thoughts and thinking.

Today we are beginning to transition slightly from philosophical and theological truths into somewhat practical foundational truths. I first encountered these truths in a course on Divine Healing within my studies as a Christian. They were taught differently of course, but I grasped them all the same and have seen miraculous results in my life when I’ve applied them well… and devastating results when I have slacked off and been ruled by negative/unhealthy thoughts.

My growing Tarot collection

Pictured top left: Arcana Tarot Playing Cards. Left to right: The Linestrider Tarot, Centennial Rider-Waite Tarot, Hoodoo Tarot, and The Tarot of Vampyres.

My five deck collection is more than adequate to cover most every reading situation. Arcana is primarily for cartomancy but is also a very masculine deck. Linestrider is my light-themed deck perfect for anyone looking for a more modern reading. My traditional Rider-Waite is good for anyone looking for that classic feel of a tarot reading. It’s also been a good training deck for me. Hoodoo Tarot is great for my black clients, yet also really good for anyone considering I live in the South. Tarot of Vampyres is a darker-themed deck that is excellent for both general readings and for love/relationship advice.

I don’t plan of adding much else at this time other than I’ve been considering an Angel deck. I’ve always connected well with those types of spirits so it’s a possibility I’d add that type of deck to my collection. Also, I’m interested in reading Bones & Curios so I’ll likely add that soon.

I have a lot of background with the bible so Conjure is definitely appealing to me. It’s been difficult finding where I fit after leaving Christianity. I usually get what I call revelatory downloads which help guide me on my spiritual journey. It’s like a word of wisdom, something I’m generally not thinking about already. I’ve gotten a few this last year already, perhaps in future posts I’ll share parts of them.

The Master Key – Week 1, Day 4

There has been a lot of very weighty, foundational things to meditate on this week. The key for me was to allow the understanding of them to do an inner work in me, rather than trying to memorize each and every one. Each day this week has seven statements to meditate on, here are today’s in my own words.

  1. We are related to our inner mind through our subconscious mind. Whereby we are also connected to the objective universe through the subconscious.
  2. The future is at our own control. It is not at the mercy of some outside power.
  3. There is a consciousness, an energy that connects the entire Universe.
  4. Every individual is a manifestation of that universal energy.
  5. All mind is one mind. That is, my mind has the capability to think like the Universal mind.
  6. Each individual is the individualization of the Universal, the Cosmic Mind.
  7. Universal energy is expressed through individual minds.

The Master Key – Week 1, Day 3

This week of The Master Key course has me meditating on 7 foundational truths each day. Here are today’s in my own words.

  1. The world within my mind is a very practical world. Through it we are given intelligence to see the vision and the practical skill to make the vision real.
  2. Life unfolds instead of building up gradually over time. What we get from without is based on what we already possess within.
  3. All possession is based on conscious thoughts.
  4. Mental efficiency is based on harmonious thoughts. Confusion messes up mental efficiency.
  5. Our brain connected to a system of nerves are the organs of the mind.
  6. When the brain thinks correctly, the results are pleasant and harmonious.
  7. It is through the same mind, by wrong thoughts, that all distress, sickness, lack, limitation and every form of discord and inharmony is admitted to our lives.

Again, these are very foundational truths which are very much the basis of magickal workings. It’s very difficult to infuse intention in our workings or to work in the realm of intuition if we don’t yet grasp these types of truths.

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